I prefer to photograph animals on their own, as an individual. Whenever you run into them in such a situation, lets say on a walk through the fields, there is always that short moment they freeze themselves after they spotted you. That moment touches me. There is something in that motionless body language that we also find on nineteen-century photography.

This kind of encounter in a landscape is quite mysterious to me. We see eachother, but at the same time we will be never able to speak to eachother. As if we are separated by a thick glassplate. And in some occasions I was sure there was someone behind that glassplate that was familiar to me.


In 1999 Fotofestival Naarden asked me to photograph a series of animals in the Dutch landscape. From 2005 until 2007 I published a series of animals in M-magazine, a monthly edition alongside the duth newspaper NRC Handelsblad. And in 2007 I was invited by Arte Sella and the Valsugana area to do a project high up in the Dolomites Mountains. These cow portraits were exhibited one year later in a barn at 1700m, alongside Arte Sella, the International Contemporary Art Manifestation near Trento, edition 2008.


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Overleek, The Netherlands
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